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Unlocking the Power of Graph Builder


Xan Gregg, JMP Director of Research and Development, SAS

Graph Builder is known for enabling quick and easy visual exploration. However, JMP users may not know that a great deal of power lies beneath the surface. This presentation will explore the building blocks of Graph Builder and show how to combine them for more effective visualizations. I will demonstrate live how "variables" go into "roles" and are turned into graphics by "elements," which can then be modified by options and properties. Specific topics covered by this talk include a review of basic Graph Builder functionality, an overview of the Graph Builder architecture, highlights of little-known features, and customization of graph properties for presentation.

A small set of slides is attached that highlight the major components of Graph Builder. Most of the session will be a live demonstration of a variety of Graph Builder features, especially highlighting combinations of features.

Sample slide:


September 13 update: Added a couple slides, including a preview of the demo topics.

September 22 update: Added my journal, including some of the supporting files.


April 14, 2015 Update: Added a summarized version of the food log data.


The script in the FoodData table does not execute

Thanks for the report. Which version of JMP are you running? Any error message? I think I inadvertently saved it for the forthcoming JMP 12, but it should still mostly work in JMP 10 and 11.

I noticed the script didn't work on a Mac because of the annotation's font. I attached a new version that doesn't specify the font.

Hi Xan,

will you have an updated webcast or Youtube video to showcase Graph Builder in JMP 12?

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