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Let JMP Work for You - Analyzing Complex Process Data with the Help of JMP...

 Let JMP® Work for You – Analyzing Complex Process Data with the Help of JMP Scripting Language


Katharina Lankers, PhD, Research and Development Scientist – SCHOTT AG, Germany

SCHOTT is an international technology company that manufactures and processes special glasses and other specialty materials, components and systems. During different process steps with many influencing variables, huge amounts of process data are gathered and can be used for process optimization – if engineers and operators are able to draw the right conclusions within a reasonable period of time. JMP Scripting Language (JSL) is of great help here. Data access, analysis and visualization can be automated according to specific requirements, customized user interfaces help manage these procedures quickly and easily, and well-arranged output reports allow for timely and appropriate interpretation and decision making. We show some examples of JMP scripts, which are of great benefit in troubleshooting, optimizing and stabilizing a manufacturing process. With a few mouse clicks, all relevant process parameters are extracted from a database, preprocessed and analyzed, and the results are presented in a customized summary report saved as a useful basis for further discussions. In another application, we have developed a tool to help us find – from a huge pool of potential influences —which process parameters might be relevant for quality changes. For this purpose, we use a combination of data mining methods like partitioning, clustering and modeling. Thanks to these JMP scripts, our engineers save lots of time every day and enjoy optimal support in data analysis – a substantial contribution to the permanent improvement in quality and increase of yield.

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