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Automating Process Capability Analysis Reporting for Multi-Product Parameter Sets

 Automating Process Capability Analysis Reporting for Multi-Product Parameter Sets


Thomas D. Steinmetz and Byron A. Wingerd, PhD, Merck Manufacturing Division

Conceptually, the procedures for reporting process capability metrics for individual process parameters or even groups of process parameters is relatively simple using the JMP Capability Analysis reports. When a large number of parameters, with a mixture of normal and nonnormally distributed data and changing specifications sets, require a cross product capability analysis, the reporting can become more complex and tedious. We have developed a scripted reporting method that allows a bulk data dump to be merged with an easily updated specifications table that includes definitions of the parameter distributions. The resulting reports are interactively tied, to drill down, control chart, reports which display individual data points. This method has been useful for generating multi-product and single product comparisons, and provides customers of the reports the opportunity to explore process data with very little training in the use of the JMP software.




Its very interseting to see the document, I am looking for similar one if it is possible can you share me the script.





Sorry to take forever to reply, Somehow I missed seeing your question.


In the recent versions of JMP, the updated Process Capability platform does all this and more. 

A particularly useful component is the Summary Report option which can be run for Overall Variation (ppt) and Within Variation (cpk).

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