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Jun 14, 2017

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Visual Tolerance Analysis for Engineering Optimization

 Visual Tolerance Analysis for Engineering Optimization


Zhou Wei, MS, JMP Principal Consultant – SAS Institute (Beijing) Co. Ltd.

Classic methodologies of design of experiments (DOE) are widely applied in design, manufacturing, quality management and so on. However, this is not the end of DOE. One of its shortcomings is a neglect of the propagation of errors, which means that the so-called “improved process” still produces some amount of defects continuously. Visual tolerance analysis is a good way to overcome the obstacle, and it effectively complements classic DOE, perfecting the final feasible solution. First, this paper briefly introduces the background and study value of tolerance analysis. Then, it highlights visual tolerance analysis, which features “Defect Profiler” and “Defect Parametric Profile,” two new visualization techniques. With the help of visual tolerance analysis, engineering and statistical analysts could work together to find out what is the key factor leading to propagation of errors and how to reduce it significantly and cheaply. Additionally, to improve analysis efficiency for statisticians and to ease understanding for non-statisticians, a related example with JMP software is illuminated to show the power of this booming engineering optimization approach in the DOE family.

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