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Recording DOE Club with Christian Bille and Victor Guiller

Thanks to @Victor_G and @ChristianBille for this first session! 


Recording 1: 


Poll 1: Which design are you most familiar with?



Poll 2: If you are not using optimal design, why not?



Some comments to continue the discussion online: 


From @MartinNovakI would love to hear more about gradually progressed optimal experiments/designs -> how to properly combine several subsequent groups/blocks of experiments statistically? 


From Tin Huu Bui: How does JMP choose what point to test in optimal design? I'm research about a topic called Bayesian Optimization. That from each test, you will know what should you test next to gain biggest knowledge/ information. Can we consider it as a replacement for DOE?

AnswerIt depends on the optimality criterion and variance in your design. 

You can try to augment a design based on real data or simulation data, JMP will choose points where the prediction variance is highest.


From @ruskicar: Do space filling designs in general require more experiments than model-based designs?

Answer: Yes in general. If you do a comparative test in JMP, you'll see that optimal designs are more cost-efficient than space-filling designs. But they may not be used for the same problem,


Discussion after the Breakouts: 


Comments from the discussion: 

@martindemel : we tried DOE in the past and it did not work (quote often means they did not do a statisticially designed experiment when sking for more information what they did) 

@Georg: too much noise -  Low power run or bigger test or reduce the expectation

@Victor_G : Yes, interactions are often underestimated

@ChristianBille : the cost is apparent upfront


The next Session will be on September 26th:

Please suggest topics that you would like to see covered in future sessions:




Level II

Re: Recording DOE Club with Christian Bille and Victor Guiller

Can you please help with SVEM addin or JSL script for SVEM.

Thanks in advance!!