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Recode: One of my favorite tools for data cleanup in JMP 12

Recode in JMP 12 is an amazing tool that I use almost daily. If you've used Recode in past versions of JMP, but have not yet tried it in JMP 12 you should check it out -- because it is basically a whole new platform. I recorded a video demo showing how you might use it and an overview of some of the key features.

(view in My Videos)

Have you tried the Recode utility in JMP 12 yet? How about any of the other utilities or modeling utilities? I'd love to hear your thoughts and comments on them. You can read more about the Recode utility on our JMP product page.


Another really good use of Recode is to make super categories. After you've made your super category group options, use the drop-down option to save your recoding into a new column.

9368_Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 9.07.52 AM.png

If you have new data coming in and want to automatically process it with a script instead of having to go through the UI every time you can use the script option, which will save out the match code for you.

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Community Trekker

Recode really is a great feature and a favorite as well ! Before, I was focusing too much time and effort in coding factor levels to rename them as part of the data prep instead of focusing more on discovery and analysis. Really grateful for JMP for a lot of effective and efficient features.