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Language translation viewer before posting

I would love to see what JMP is doing with my german post in english before it is posted. 


How can I exclude text from translation? e.g. "Fraction of Design Space", I even do not know how this Expression is named in German. Hence I need to write it, being sure it will not be somehow translated.



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Hi @peter_michel. Thank you for the ideas.


Unfortunately, there is no method to exclude text from being translated. JSL (and other languages) will be excluded from translation if using the Insert JSL Script or Insert Code editor toolbar buttons.


In the meantime, you can use Google Translate to get an idea of how the text will be translated.

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cool Idea I can add

Fraction of Design Space

and other

Std error of the mean

terms as a JSL Script. I assume everyone in the Community will understand me.


Thanks Peter