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Have you read Blogs yet?

I'm happy to see that many Community members have found the Blogs section, and are commenting on and kudoing posts!

Here's a quick look at what you will find in Blogs:

  • JMPer Cable is a technical blog for JMP users. JMPer Cable was also the name of a technical newsletter for JMP users. We have converted that newsletter into a blog. Here, you will find tips and tricks, deep technical information about JMP features, and how-to's for JMP users of all levels of experience with the software.
  • JMP Blog is for anyone with an interest in topics such as data visualization, statistics, predictive modeling, design of experiments, etc. The posts here are not necessarily about using JMP (although they may show JMP), and these articles are appropriate for a wider audience of data analysts, scientists, researchers and statisticians.
  • Individual blogs by JMP staff. Listed in the right column of the main Blogs page, these blogs reflect the individual interests and specialties of development staff and others who wish to share information with the JMP Community. Check out the variety of blogs, and see which ones you would like to follow.

What should you do next?

You could subscribe to JMPer Cable, JMP Blog or any of the individual blogs.

Do you use an RSS reader? Great! You can get the RSS feed for any of these blogs.

We hope you enjoy reading the blogs, offer your comments on posts, and share the articles you like far and wide. There's a social sharing button that makes it super easy to share pages on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and the like -- or share by email. The subscribe, RSS feed and sharing options are found along the top of pages, as you'll see in this blog post below. Happy reading!

Note the Subscribe, RSS feed and social sharing options near the top fo the page.Note the Subscribe, RSS feed and social sharing options near the top fo the page.



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