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Groups Reimagined

The JMP User Community is all about learning and collaboration, from Discussions to the File Exchange. Sharing best practices and ideas with your peers is just as important as attending a Mastering JMP webinar or reading the documentation. And one area of the Community designed to bring JMP users together to learn from each other is JMP Users Groups. The JMP Users Group area provides an online space for JMP users in your organization, region, industry or special interest to come together and collaborate on all things JMP.


Groups.pngWe think groups are vital to your success as a JMP user, which is why we are reimagining the concept of a group within the Community. That’s right – groups in the Community are getting an upgrade. You will continue to be able to have the same great discussions you have always had. We don’t want that part to change. But what will change? The possibilities. You can now think of a group as a mini-Community within the larger JMP User Community. Each group can have its own Discussions area, a knowledge base and even a wish list. Everything a group currently contains is now configurable to the needs and wants of your group – imagine that! And group leaders will have more administrative control to make changes for the group, such as managing members, uploading a group avatar or deciding what methods of collaboration to use.


If you don’t belong to a group, we encourage you to explore available options and join. If you have an idea for a group that doesn’t yet exist, let us know!

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Thanks! Looking for people to help me get the most out of my data. Please browse 


Thanks for letting me use JMP! So much yet to learn...

Sincerely, -Steve-



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