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January 27, 2016 Meeting Notes

Upstate SC JMP Users Group

The first meeting of the Upstate JMP Users group (USSC JUG) was hosted by the Spartanberg Regional Hospital. The presenters for the meeting were Byron Wingerd (Byron) from JMP Brad Foulkes (bradford.foulkes) from GE Water and Power.

Presenting on a more general topic, Byron stepped through use cases for the data manipulation tools under the Tables menu. Being able to format data for analysis is a fundamental skill and understanding the data manipulation tools lets people get where then need to be quickly and efficiently.


Brad’s talk on Lifeing models focused on the use of JMP’s reliability tools for understanding time to event data. Using the parametric survival platform Brad showed how identify high risk components from a group of possible parameters.

Future Topics

During the meeting we polled the group for topics of interest.

These ideas came to the top and are listed in no particular order

Reliability: predictive modeling with censored data

Gauge R&R


Customer survey data

Basic topics to get started

How to use JMP more efficiently

Tips Tricks and Shortcuts

How to collaborate

JMP and Excel

Working with real life data

Data Modeling

Forecasting, communicating results

Trending data

Exploring data, using data for better decisions

Combining data sets

Connecting to data, SQL, ODBC

Using data from historian databases

Formulas and formatting data

Cleaning data for analysis

Getting into JSL

Automating reporting, Scripting analysis

Automating data processing

JMP Systems Engineer, Pharm and BioPharm Sciences
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