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Get ready for some impressions from the UK JMP Users Group on July 9

Hi all,

This years UK Users Group Meeting was originally planned to be a physical meeting that should have been held in Liverpool at the MIF. Coping with a new situation the UK steering committee turned it into a virtual event because for many people it was not possible to travel. We would like to thank the presenters for their great contributions as well as the many loyal and new users who attended last week!




I am uploading the presentation slides and some impressions of the meeting here



Welcome and Introduction,

David Barnett, Syngenta






QbD in Analytical Method Development: The Analytical Method Lifecycle
Robert Shaw, AstraZeneca
Advances in analytical technology and automation have facilitated new ways of developing robust analytical methods under challenging timelines, allowing incorporation of QbD concepts into the Analytical Method Lifecycle (AML). This joint analytical and statistical framework provides the overarching principles to facilitate the development and ongoing control of methods throughout the full lifetime. The pharmaceutical industry is seeing an increased regulatory expectation to understand method performance through an analytical method control strategy, to underpin confidence that the methods will continue to be fit for purpose throughout the changing operations landscape. A key tool in this framework is the use of Design of Experiments (DoE). Presented here are a series of case studies which will illustrate the practical processes using JMP and impact of Design of Experiments and quality monitoring within AML during development and beyond.



Sharing case studies for teaching and learning
Volker Kraft, JMP
As a new JMP academic-industry initiative, we are looking to enhance our Case Study Library at by more “real” case studies. These cases are free teaching resources used as student demos and hands-on exercises in JMP, to demonstrate the application of statistical concepts and solutions of real-world problems, especially in the areas of modelling, designed experiments and quality & process methods. 




Driving product development through modelling historic data in JMP
Stuart Little, Croda
This presentation will show how some of the tools available in JMP have been successfully used to visualize and model historic data within an Energy Technology application. The outputs from the resulting model were then used to inform the generation of a DOE led synthesis plan. The result of this plan was a series of new materials that have all performed in line with the expectations of the model. Through this approach, a functional model of product performance has been successfully developed. This model, alongside the visualization capabilities of JMP, has allowed for the business to begin to embrace a more structured approach to experimentation.




Wrap-up, Claire Boghal




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