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DOE Group

A number of members of the user group expressed interest in the idea of "special interest groups" and one specific theme that was mentioned was design of experiments.

This online forum does not support the explicit concept of a group, but we have the tools available for support collaboration on specialised themes.  The main tool is likely to be discussion threads - so this discussion thread has been created to specifically encourage discussion around design of experiments.  Feel free to create separate discussions if you want more specialised themes such as definitive screening designs.

We also have other capabilities on this forum such as polls, document sharing, as well as the ability to send private messages.

Effective use of TAGS are essential for collating content from different sources (discussion, documents, etc) under a common theme.  We have the ability to create categories based on tags across all types of content, so please take a moment to use tags to index your content.  You will notice that this discussion has been tagged "design of experiments".

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