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Step-by-Step JMP DOE Examples

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Files are attached at end of page for these two examples:

1. Ten-factor, four-type-of-factor, with additional constraints - "everything but the kitchen sink" real-world design


2. Seven-component mixture DOE with seven constraints - example of "mixture within a mixture" design





  1. all trials sum to 1.0000
  2. trial #1 has only three components; 1 each of type A, B, & C (low cost to manufacture?)
  3. trial #1 has at least 20% of A and no more than 24 % of B
  4. trial #2 has all 7 components in the blend
  5. trial #3 has two of the three type A components
  6. trial #4 has no less than 20% of type A, and no more than 24% of type B, AND B1 is no more than 3 times B2
  7. trial #6 has A3 no more than 1.3 times B2
  8. trial #7 has A1 no more than 1.3 times (B1 + B2)


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