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24 Nov Webcast – Exploring JMP’s Graph Builder

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24 Nov Webcast – Exploring JMP’s Graph Builder

In this webcast we will explore the use of JMP’s most interactive data exploration tool – the Graph Builder.  We will focus on the use of data filters on both rows and columns to “drill down” to the subset of data that best answers a particular question.  Data filters will also be used to animate graphs.  We will use the many different drop zones around the main graph to add more dimensions to our visualization.  The various icons across the top will be used to help choose different type graphs. The axes menus will be used to improve the readability and appearance of the graph.


Data sets to be used are attached at the bottom of this page and include content from these two sources:

1) FAA Air Route Traffic Control Center (ARTCC) data for the last nine Government fiscal years, 2006-2014.  There are three separate data files; (a) Years 2006-2012, (b) Years 2013 & 2014, and (c) Lat-Lon Coordinates of the ARTCCs.  These data were originally downloaded from the FAA Air Traffic Activity System (ATADS) website.

2) Sea Surface Temperature (SST) data for three years, 1997-1999, showing the growth and decline of an El Niño in the Pacific Ocean.  The original data can be obtained from the Columbia University IRI/LDEO Climate Library website.


NOTE:  There are three FAA and one SST file totaling 20 Mb in size.  A single 2 Mb file named "Files for 24Nov14" contains the four separate files.  Since not all users are allowed to download *.zip files, we are posting the files separately as well as zipped.

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