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Building Linear Mixed Models using JMP® Pro 15

Use  JMP Pro 15 to Handle Random and Fixed Effects, Repeated Measures, Random Coefficients and Variance Components



See how to:

  • Handle Random and Fixed Effects
  • Analyze a wide variety of linear mixed models easily and effectively
  • Analyze split-plot designs using an example that studies the effects of four process conditions on resistance in wafers
    • Understand how fitting Standard Least Squares can lead to incorrect inferences
    • Understand when JMP Pro 15 mixed model scripts are useful for split-plot designs
  • Analyze Repeated Measures, using an example that accounts for correlation between observations, to effectively understand treatment effects
    • Consider and compare alternative covariance structures and choose the best fit
  • Perform Individual Growth Analysis using Random Coefficients and an example that seeks to determine if any of three treatments had an effect on a growth response
  • Perform Variance Components Analysis using a measurement system study example

NOTE: Q&A is included at times 37:52 and 53:21.



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