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Saving Your Work Using Scripts

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In this article, you learn how to save the steps for producing an analysis to the data table as a JMP script. This enables you to re-run the analysis again later.


To start, we run an analysis. We’ll run a distribution analysis using the Impurity data.


We select Impurity for Y, Columns, and click OK to run the analysis. We use Stack to apply a horizontal layout.


To save this analysis, we click the top red triangle next to Distributions, and select Save Script and then To Data Table.


We can change the name of the script, or we can save the script with the default name. Naming the scripts can be useful if we’re running many analyses.


Here, we click OK to save the script with the default name.


The script is saved to the top left corner of the data table. JMP has actually written code, which is called JSL, or JMP Scripting Language.


To re-run the analysis, click the green triangle. Notice that the analysis is re-run, exactly as it was when we saved the script.


To edit the script, we right-click the script name and select Edit. This enables us to change the name of the script or to make changes to the JSL code.


Finally, to save the data table with this script, along with any other changes, we select File and then Save.