Two user speakers are now confirmed for the Jan. 12th meeting

Thanks to Buffy Hudson-Curtis (who will most likely speak on the topic of DOE) and Michelle Woolfolk from the City of Durham Stormwater Services (who will give a talk on a new study of Falls Lake data- the analysis is still be worked on as we speak so this should be very timely) we now have 2 speakers confirmed for the upcoming meeting.

We would love to have a 3rd JMP user present. Typical talks last about 20 minutes and can be on a variety of topics.

Please reply to this discussion if you think you might want to present (in Jan. or at a future meeting down the road) or if you just have a topic suggestion you want to throw out to the group.

Don't forget, it won't be long before the JMP Discovery Summit call for papers. User group meetings are a great way to test out a presentation idea and get feedback. (JMP Discovery 2016 will be in Cary.)

Thank you!

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