The Raleigh ASQ Six Sigma Special Interest Group meeting this month (Feb 23,2016) might be interesting to some of the JMP users in the area.

Event Description

Design of Experiments (DOEs) have been an increasingly hot multidisciplinary topic. While February might not be the official DOE month, it seems like the time of year when everyone is planning how to accomplish all the commitments made in January. For many people this means planning experiments to characterize, and optimize the scientific, engineering or business processes in the systems they work with.

Presenter:  Byron Wingerd who is a Systems Engineer at SAS Institute will be facilitating a interactive session on DOE so bring your own and we can talk about it.

Abstract:  For those new to planning, running, analyzing and reporting on DOEs there is an overwhelming learning curve that is paled  by the task of reviewing the DOE plans, and reviewing the the DOE reports. Some people learn to accomplish these tasks by reading, others by trial and error, but in the Raleigh ASQ Six Sigma Special Interest group we have the opportunity to learn from our community members best practices for planning, running, and reviewing DOEs. 

We typically hear a lot about the complex math and statistics of building designs; however, these are details that most practitioners use software to accomplish.  Before the design assembly and model selection occurs subject matter experts are required to select factors and ranges to test in the experiments. A quality design is absolutely dependent on a collaborative effort from both the stakeholders and the experiment designers.

In this month’s meeting we will be discussing how evaluate a good DOE plan and how to understand the results that come from them. Bring your success stories as well as the tragic learning opportunities as we unlock the best practices for DOE.

Membership in ASQ is not required, but please register to attend at this event bright link:

JMP Systems Engineer, Pharm and BioPharm Sciences
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