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JMP® Users Groups (Draft)

Users groups let you connect with scientists, engineers, authors, professors and other data explorers to share best practices and learn from peers. Join a JMP Users Group at your organization, in your region or one focused on your industry or special interest.

Benefits of Joining a Users Group

Users groups give you the opportunity to enhance presentation skills in the comfortable environment of peer meetings and enhance your management skills by taking on leadership roles. Members also:

  • Receive registration fee discounts to Discovery Summit conferences around the world. Quality for a discount if you attended the most recent meeting of your local, internal or Virtual JMP Users Group users group or one in the previous quarter.
  • Learn about new JMP products, capabilities and services as soon as they become available.

Starting a Group

JMP can help you find motivated JMP users to help you launch a group and identify JMP users in the area who might like to attend your  meetings. Contact robin.moran for more information and see JMP Users Group Leaders Guide for details.

Resources for Established Groups

JMP offers resources to help groups grow and remain active. We can help:

  • Create agendas.
  • Schedule JMP experts to present at meetings.
  • Find meeting locations.
  • Share best practices from other successful groups.


Is there a Hartford CT users group or nearby like Storrs?

Hi, Is there a JMP user group near Santa Clara, California?

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