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Virtual Q1 2021 MTJUG Meeting?

Hello MTJUG Members,


For those of you I have not had the chance to "meet" yet, my name is Matt Boron and I am the JMP rep for users of the software in Tennessee.


I am reaching out to see if there would be interest in doing a virtual MTJUG meeting in Q1 2021?


My hope is to jump-start this group, as it seems there has not been much activity in recent years. I would love to see this group become the go-to place for JMP users in Tennessee to get help with JMP or to network with other users in the state.


I'm also attaching our most recent Training and Support PowerPoint. It contains overviews of our resources designed to help users of all proficiency levels, including links to upcoming live webinars we are hosting.


Please feel free to comment or email me if you are interested in attending/participating in a Q1 2021 MTJUG meeting. Also, feel free to contact me with any questions you and your colleagues may have in regards to JMP, in general. I'm here to help!


Matt Boron


Level III

Re: Virtual Q1 2021 MTJUG Meeting?

Definitely interested. Could also present, if needed.

Stan Siranovich