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Tips and Tricks

See tips and tricks demonstrated using two diffrent data tables ad download the JMP journal and files to try them yourself.



  • Food Journal
    • Preferences: Turn on Version under Menu
    • Multiple File Import (*JMP18*)
    • Text-to-Column
    • Recode, Column Recode & Advanced Recode
    • Preferences: Table -> Show summary graphs & missing data bars
    • Missing Bar also by right-clicking in column summary graph
    • Quick Summary: Column Viewer (*Column Manager in JMP18*)
    • In Report Windows: Platform Preferences - Go To/Save
    • In Reports: CTRL+Red Triangle to broadcast commands
    • In Reports: ALT+Red Triangle to show all options
    • In Reports: Question Mark to get Topic Help
    • On Help site: scroll down to bottom of section for Statistical Details
    • From Report Window back to Home: CTRL+1
    • Multiple Response Column Supported in Graphs
    • Set delimiter as  column property
    • Color Scheme for color blindness
    • Configure Level for axis
    • Configure Level Group: formula, in data table
    • Value Order as Column Property
    • Preferences: Value Order as Default
    • In Area Chart: double click on legend and adjust appearance
    • In legend  properties: toggle box
    • Caption Box below graph
    • In data table: select all open windows, right click to close
    • Create a quick dashboard
    • Turn on Workflow Builder & Record
  • Farmers Markets
    • Drag in Excel file to any JMP window to open
    • Group & Drag Columns
    • Hide (groups of) columns
    • Select by Inverting Row Selection
    • Customizing Short Cuts
    • Find Next/Previous Selected: F7/F6
    • StreetMap as Background

Some questions answered by Monique Lander  @monique_lander  and Yasmine Hajar  @yasmine_hajar at the live webinar:


Q: Can we change the default for recode. instead of going to another column, just have it in place by default?

A: The default is to create a new column but when you click on "New Column", you can see the other option of putting the data "In place".


Q: Should we make sure that the column names are similar in all files before importing?

A: Yes, they have to have the same column name or they will come in as separate columns and then you can clean that up later.


Q: Will text to column still work if your original column has a variable number of delimiters?

A: Yes, I believe it I believe so. It will create a different number of new columns


Q: How do you change a date into JMP time (that long numeric entry)?

A: You should not need the long format.  To change the date to a usable date, change the format to Best instead of Date/Time.


Q: Most of the time I save changes in place so I was wondering if it is possible to change it in Preferences so I don’t do that extra step of changing it manually.

A: Yes. You can go to the Red Triangle --> Platform Preferences --> Save Changes to and it will update your Preferences for next time.


Q: Do you have any cheat sheet for short-cuts on options?

A: Yes, see: Here you go:


Q: Can you add statistics to the bar graph when combining categories?

A: Yes. R-click the graph then  Add Caption Box.


Q: When you click on a subset of data in the graph builder, is there a way to get a new table with just the data you've selected?

A: Yes. When you select the data points, it is also selecting them in the data table. You can right-click on the bottom left of the data table under the "Rows" box where it says "Selected”. You then click on Data view and it will create a new data table.


Q: What about if instead of someone adding a new Excel file, they add data to an old Excel file you already worked up?

A: if they added new columns, you can use Tables Update. If it's new rows, use Tables>Join. You do that in tow steps, separately.  You can't add rows and columns at the same time.


Q: When Monique combined the different bars, can cumulative percentages be added there for the Pareto created?

A: Yes. You can change the type of statistics to the bars (if that's the question) or add the value Label. All this is available on the bottom left of the graph where more options are available for the bar graph.


Q: In Control Chart Builder under column when its red instead of blue what does that mean and how do i change it back to blue so I can plot the data?

A: Go back to the table and click on the icon in the columns list. Change it to blue (Continuous).


Q: Can I show the histogram bars in log scale of the count axis?

A: Yes. Right click the axis --> click on axis settings --> change type from linear to log.




Q: Can I broadcast line color or thickness change for multiple lines in multiple panels (e.g. for multiple Xs) in Graph Builder?

A: You can select the multiple legends entry then right click on them to change color, marker, etc.


Q: Is there a way to highlight delta between two data points on a typical X-Y plot? I have 2 curves on the same X axis. Can I show the delta between the curves on the graph?

A: You can  create a new column with a formula equal to X1-X2 then show that on the plot as well.

Q: Are format changes saved for all new graphs using this platform or just for the instance where you made the change?

A: If the platform preference change is saved to preferences, then it will be saved for all new graphs.


Q: Can you interactively subset to a new table?

A: Yes.  See below:



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