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Practice JMP using these webinar videos and resources. We hold live Mastering JMP Zoom webinars with Q&A most Fridays at 2 pm US Eastern Time.See the list and register. Local-language live Zoom webinars occur in the UK, Western Europe and Asia. See your country site.

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New in JMP 17 and JMP Pro 17 - Some Highlights ORIGINAL ENGLISH VERSION

New Features Everyone Can Use

Search JMP to get info and path for the analysisSearch JMP to get info and path for the analysis

DOE Features for Experimenters

Quality and Process Improvement

MSA Design interface lets you ID factors, factor levels, randomization schemeMSA Design interface lets you ID factors, factor levels, randomization scheme

JMP Pro for Advanced Users

Questions aswered by Mike Anderson @MikeD_Anderson during the live webinar:


Q: In Workflow Builder, if you add more data to the data table, and rerun the workflow, will the new summary statistics/analyses get updated with new charts/values?

A: Yes.


Q: Can we use the recorded workflow on a new set of data?

A: Yes.  If the data table it’s expecting isn’t open it will prompt you for a new one.  It will also prompt for any missing columns in the analysis.


Q: Can we import the JMP16 preferences to JMP17?

A: Yes, they’re brought in automatically when you install your new license to 17.


Q: Does JMP use and icon to mark platforms that have moved menu position in the current release?

A: No, it uses and icon to mark new capabilities/analysis platforms, not platforms that have moved menu location.


Q: Can I export Profilers so that non-JMP users can interact with the scenario building?

A: You can save to an HTML 5 report, JMP Public, JMP Live (if you license it).


Q: Re; MSA, will you define "gauge"?  Is that the equipment or device you are using to measure the part?

A: It’s the tool used to make a measurement.  The term comes from classical manufacturing where you have calipers and gauges.


Q: Can MSA show Anderson-Darling or something to indicate normal conformance of data?

A: That’s available as a test in the Distribution platform.  You can learn more about it.  The info on that test is found in JMP 17 documentation, but the test has been in there for a while.


Q: With the new capability of Graph Builder to handle data with multiple Response structure, was the Rows/Row Selection/Name Selection in Column function updated to "collect" multiple labels in the label column? Then the label column could be used like the multiple-response column that Hyde used in his example.

A: Yes. Multiple response data maps back to the data table and selects the rows that contain the selected response.  So those features will work as normal.




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