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Importing, Consolidating & Maximizing the Value of Excel Data 

Use the JMP Excel Import Wizard to import Excel data for simple and complicated Excel file structures. 



See how to:

  • Easily source the data from Excel files with data
    • Anywhere in the worksheet, visible or hidden
    • Multiple worksheets
    • Merged cells
    • Multiple row or hierarchical column headers
  • Identify your Excel structure before import to plan your approach
    • Cell-grid based – properties, formulas, etc. that may differ between any pair of cells
    • Files that contain multiple worksheets
    • Charts that “float” over worksheet or as separate tab
    • Worksheets with multiple tables or random content anywhere
    • Row 1 that contains anything (column headers, data, or nothing)
    • Tables that have multiple rows of column header names (or none)
  • Understand JMP table structure
    • JMP file contains a single table
    • Each Column
      • Includes information that can be set after import (Data Type - Character or Number- and Modeling Type -Nominal, Ordinal or Continuous
      • Column Information/Properties support interactive analysis
      • Is named at top with unique name and reflects a single attribute or measure for all rows
    • Each row is a single unit or observation, e.g., one experimental run outcome, one sample, one wafer, one patient, one event, etc.
      • Row 1 contains first data point
  • Use the JMP Excel Import Wizard
    • Manage merged cells and repeating data
    • Handle hidden, empty and nested columns
    • Handle replicate data in spanned rows
    • Handle multiple tables in one worksheet
    • Combine multiple tables
    • Handle different types of data using Format Patterns
    • Handle Excel formulas because cells with formulas will import as the static value when Excel file saved, so consider doing calculations in JMP as formulas after import
  • Save work to JMP17 Workflow Builder

Manage Importing Excel Merged Cells to JMPManage Importing Excel Merged Cells to JMP


Q: Sometimes when I import Numeric Data it imports as Character Data, for example dates or a string that has an exponent symbol.
A: If there is any Character (Non-number) data in a column, the entire column with be imported as Character Data and you will need to find the problem data and correct it before changing the Column Info>Data Type to Numeric.


Q: How can I correct the loss of leading zeros, like in zip codes such as 06518?
A: Here is the formula for adding leading zeros to Zip Code: Right(Char(:col), 5, "0").






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