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JMP Academic Webinar – Teaching Survival and Reliability Analysis with JMP

Published on ‎11-29-2023 01:23 PM by Staff | Updated on ‎02-21-2024 04:27 PM




Webinar Overview

Analysis of time-to-event data – often called survival or reliability analysis – is commonly taught in biostatistics, reliability engineering, and other domains. JMP’s suite of survival and reliability tools support comprehensive teaching of key concepts and techniques in this domain, including survival and hazard functions, censoring, Kaplan-Meier analysis, parametric survival modeling, and more. This webinar provides a tutorial on JMP tools for teaching these concepts and techniques, as as well as a brief review of JMP tools for more specialized reliability analyses common in industry, such as accelerated life testing. We also point you to relevant free teaching resources from the JMP Academic team.


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0:00 Introduction
4:28 Kaplan-Meier Analysis
14:17 Proportional Hazards Models
26:30 Estimating Time-to-Event Distributions
36:55 Left and Interval Censoring
40:40 Parametric Survival Models
47:40 Accelerated Life Testing
53:41 Degradation Analysis
56:28 Teaching Resources

Wed, Feb 21, 2024 12:00 PM EST
Wed, Feb 21, 2024 01:00 PM EST
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