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How to color a word cloud by a variable

JMP Text Explorer is useful for analyzing and locating word and phrase patterns in unstructured text, such as survey comments. Word clouds show the prevalence of words, sized by number of occurrences. They give greater importance to words appearing more frequently in freeform text. 

JMP takes you beyond just a pretty word cloud, though. For example, you can further discriminate terms easily (such as "like" from "don't like" and "doesn't like") by using phrases, stop words and other Text Explorer options.

And, you can color word clouds by a particular column variable. In one of his live Mastering JMP webinars on Deriving Sentiments from Opinions or Product Choices, Systems Engineer Mike Anderson got a question asking how to color a word cloud by a variable. In his answer, Mike showed how to use a column that rated people as cold (opposed to) or hot (in favor of) approving Toronto casinos to color the word cloud by the sentiment. NOTE: Mike derived this column using JMP Pro, but you could use any column that makes sense for your problem and circumstances.

See how Mike answered this question.



By the way, Mike's colleague Nick Shelton is presenting a webinar on Text Explorer on April 19, 2019. Feel free to register and ask questions online when you attend.