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phone/tablet app that can view .jrn files.

phone/tablet app that can view .jrn files.


A specific request, but maybe useful to expand the JMP sphere of influence.  Not all of my collagues have JMP, but it would be nice if I could directly share JMP Journal files via email to where they could view them in their phone and or tablet. It would save me the hassle of having to export the results to <something, and something formatted that is readable> for those that don't have JMP.  


Likewise, a standalone computer program that would be a JMP Journal viewer. 


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Have you had a chance to check out JMP Public yet at While not a specific application for a phone or tablet, the interactive JMP reports shared to JMP public are available to be viewed on any device with a modern browser. You can add notes and descriptions to collections of reports, add links to other content and retain much of the interactivity available in the desktop version of JMP (hovering over points, getting tool tips, using local data filters). The only caveat with JMP Public, however, is that the reports and data shared are public. We do plan on offering a version in 2019 that has the same functionality, but for organizations to share their reports in a private and secure way.