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<< Set Column Names() operation

This would just be a bit of syntactic sugar that hopefully would provide a performance improvement over a JSL for loop.  Currently there is only the ability to change one column name at a time.  With the latest changes to JMP 14 I find myself hitting APIs more often.  Unlike SQL I can't easily change the column name in the data pull.  It would be nice to just change all the column names at once after pulling my data.  I think this would improve user friendliness as well since most of the << Get statements have a corresponding << Set statement.  

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Defect ID: S1560322

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I agree. One can write something like

For(i=1,i<=N Items(myList),i++,Column(dt,i) << Set Name(myList[i]));

But it isn't intuitive what this is doing. A << Set Column Names message would be more readable.