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how can I set preference to link profilers

I find that when I am viewing my model with both the Profiler and the Contour Profiler that I usually choose option to Link Profilers. I've run Get Platform Preferences() in the Log, but it seems there is no option to set "Link Profilers" as preferred/default behavior. If there is a reason that users are not allowed to set this preference either via GUI or via JSL, what is it?

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Though I like your request, there is a workaround you can use until this might get into the product:


Run a jmpStart.jsl script when opening JMP (https://www.jmp.com/support/help/14/run-a-script-at-start-up.shtml) where you open a table, use the profiler in the graph menu and set the "Link Profiler" Property. This property can only be set for the profilers itself not within a platform it seems. The scripting index shows an example for Link Profilers.

The startup script could be like follows:

Names Default To Here( 1 );
dt = New Table( "LinkProfilerDummyTable",
	Invisible,Add Rows( 3 ),
	New Column( "X1",Numeric,"Continuous",Format( "Best", 12 ),
		Set Values( [1, 2, 3] )),
	New Column( "X2",Numeric,"Continuous",Format( "Best", 12 ),
		Set Values([0.41860535973683, 0.5376118759159, 0.944170434493571])),
	New Column( "Y",Numeric,"Continuous",Format( "Best", 12 ),
		Formula( :X1 + :X2 ))
obj = dt << Profiler(
	Y( :Y ),
	Profiler(1, Term Value(
			age( 14.5, Lock( 0 ), Show( 1 ) ),
			height( 61.25, Lock( 0 ), Show( 1 ) )

obj << Link Profilers( 1 );
Close( dt, NoSave );

Once set, this setting is used until you deselect it. Of course you could also add this script to your menu using View -> Customize -> Menu & Toolbars adding a very own menu item. Or creating an add-in to have it in th e add-in menu.



However, I agree on adding Link Profiler to the platform properties would be nice.