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cross validation in Discriminant analysis & other options

I tried the demo and this is what I really missed in the software


- k - fold cross validation and LOO cross validations in Discriminant analysis.

- Display RMSE value  and other indicators (AICc BIC) to assess the model would be nice.

- Give the possibility to randomly select training versus test dataset  (not only in JMP Pro but also in standard soft).

- Also, I noticed we can't change the color of the ellipse (confidence ellispe) of each group, which is an anoying issue when you use custom colors for each group as they don't fit with the ellipse color.  (but I loved the options for markers' shape/color).

- Last, please make the graph menu bar (to save / export your canonical plot and other graph) appears by default. Took me hours to find how to do it and export a graph.



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