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configure graphics to save in powerpoint


How do I configure the analysis saved in power point.

For example: I plot a distribution on one parameter then I add some information quantiles, summary statistics... to export these data in powerpoint it's easy but I have the distribution on first slide, quantiles table on the 2nd, summary statistics on the 3rd..., It will be nice to have an intermediar slide configuration, in order to be able to put several element on the first slide... like on the picture attached.

I am not interested in with a scripting answer, I would prefer an interactive explanation but if scripting is the only solution...

Thanks for your help!



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I agree.  I do this frequently, and it requires a lot of work in PowerPoint to get the view I would like. 


Here is an idea:  Add a new display box (ContainerBox() ?) , so that anything in that display box will be captured as one graphic item when copied,  exported to powerpoint, or saved as PDF.  Also allow this display box to have formatting options:  colored/shaded background, outline/border of the display box with angled or curved corners, etc..., and show this formatting in the JMP display.  Allow this container box to be added to any collection of "static" JMP report layer elements by selectecting the display elements and then via a right-click option or a keyboard control sequence.