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add function to find a root (zero) of a function

JMP jsl should have a function to find a root (zero) of a function given bracketing points, similar to uniroot() in R.  Minimize(Abs(function)) is not adequate, as it doesn't know that zero is possible, and may stop way too soon.  Ridders' ( Ridders' method - Wikipedia ), Brent's ( Brent's method - Wikipedia ), or Muller's ( Muller's method - Wikipedia ) methods seem to offer high efficiency.  Ideally, the implementation should support discontinuities in the function, so that it can also be used to invert discrete cdf's or solve for Blaker (2000) exact discrete confidence intervals.

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Status changed to: Needs Info

@DunnTiger764 thank you for this idea.  Can you provide some additional information for us?  We are curious about what the usage of this function would be, and what problem does this help you solve.