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Waveform adjustable limit lines and statistics

I am analyzing waveforms output during RF test.  Waveform overlays of multiple board tests show board to board shifts in phase and amplitude.  I believe a useful analysis option could be using a reference/target curve as a starting point and then having the ability to calculate an envelope around the curve.  Perhaps we could say this would be a LL and UL for each target curve data point.  The calculation for the envelope curve points could have some selectable options such as +/- n sigma, or a +/- a percentage of the data point.  With the envelope drawn, compute some statistics such as N waveforms exceeding either the LL or UL, N points exceeding either the LL or UL, and an indication and list of the out of spec waveforms by some selectable parameter such as serial number.


My difficulty is setting limits at the board level is complicated by boards which can be tweaked back in to a precise operating point during system calibration.  Therefore, if we can confine acceptable waveforms to be within a specific window, we will also know there is headroom at system calibration to tweak the boards in precisely.


JMP 17.2.0