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VIF - add to some menu to allow it to be shown, instead of as a right-click over Parameter Estimates

For each version of JMP, having to turn on in preferences the VIF column for Parameter Estimates in Fit Least Squares. I teach the Regression class in JMP, and always have to show new users that you have to right-click over Parameter Estimates table in the report to select VIF from the columns that are not displayed by default. I then have to show the class how to turn this on in the Preferences.

One suggestion would be to allow this to be shown with a drop down menu item.

From the Least Squares Fit Inverted Red Triangle:

   Under menu item Regression Reports, the Parameter Estimates can be turned on or off. (on by default)

   But also under this menu, selecting the "Show All Confidence Limits" turns these two columns on in Parameter Estimates, and in Expanded Estimates (but not a column available in Sorted Estimates).

So can "Show VIF" be added to this menu just like "Show All Confidence Limits"? It would be easier to find instead of hidden in a right-click on the table in the report. Saw this question a couple of times in JMP community as well.

Wish list for JMP15.

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