Stop assuming geodesic scale based on use of map shapes

We use map shapes and background maps with wafer maps of manufacturing data.  They are really valuable outside the geographic context.  JMP assumes if you added a background map your data wants to be geodesic coordinates, typically resetting the axes so the data disappears entirely.  This happens in X-Y but it's worse in graph builder because after you've reset it to linear it will keep going back to geodesic when you make unrelated changes to the plot - for example dragging a column over to color the data.


If the assumption is valuable maybe it could pop up once and say "hey, is "X" geodesic?  I can set the axis column property to that for you!".  Seems like column property is a good way to do it.

But I find that even if set that property to Linear it will switch to Geodesic when I add a background map, it doesn't seem to honor the column property on this...


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Defect ID: S1562727