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Sample Data Index (Design of Experiments): Add descriptions about which design is used

Hello dear JMP Team,

When searching through the Sample Data Index in the part "Design of Experiments", I see no indications about the type of design used. I find it quite difficult to navigate in this list and find the right design example.

Perhaps would it be possible to add next to each file name the type of design used (not necessarily all the details of the design) ? : Custom Design, Augmented Design, Definitive Screening Design, 2-levels Screening/Fractional Factorial/Full Factorial Design, Response Surface Design (CCD, Box-Behnken...), Mixture Design, Taguchi Arrays, Choice Design, MaxDiff design, Space-Filling Design, ...

It would help a lot find the right example with the right design, when teaching/explaining/learning a concept about DoE and needing a toy dataset to demonstrate.

Thanks for the hard work !

Status changed to: Acknowledged

@Victor_G - Thank you for your suggestion! We have captured your request and will take it under consideration.

Status changed to: Investigating

Status changed to investigating.


I came across this today and i see this is under development in our next major release of JMP. Stay Tuned!

Super User

Excellent, thanks for the feedback @Audrey_Shull !
Looking forward to seeing it.

Status changed to: Yes, Stay Tuned!
Status changed to: Delivered