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Report-Centric Data Filter

I would like an "in-between" data filter option. Like a data filter which applies to a whole report but maintains the connection like a local data filter (not changing states of rows directly in the table).


Currently, the original Data Filter will adjust the row states on the table and have an effect on one or multiple reports at the same time. Local Data Filter improved on this by allowing me to control a single graph without affecting anything but that graph.


Now, what would be great - if it doesn't already exist - is to control all of a single report from a single "local" data filter. I use the BY variable a lot in my analysis and I often want to filter all the resulting graphs the same. If I do a local data filter, I get a local filter for each graph … and if I do the more global data filter I impact the table itself.


Something in between these two would be a great addition!