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Regression Residuals - Dashboard

When we perform a regression (simple, multiple, DOE,...) one key activity (for the model check) is the evaluation of the residuals.

Typically, the residual evaluation consist in 4 key checks:

1) Normality of the residuals distribution (with the distribution and p-value evaluation);

2) Randomly distributed (typically we use a chart with residuals versus the fitted values);

3) No residuals trend (typically we use a chart with residuals versus the order of the data);

4) Standardized residuals between -2 and +2.


JMP can manage this kind of residuals... but in different menu and in some case not so user-friendly.

One improvement opportunity: create a button "Residuals Check" -> when the user click on it -> JMP generate one single screen (one page dashboard) with 4 quadrants that reppresent the 4 different residuals check.

In this way... this is more easy for not expert users and very fast verification in one click.

Thanks in advance for your attention and feedback.

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