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Provide fast way to get unique values from JMP objects (column, lists), possibly similar to Python's Set

Currently depending on the size of data / data structure which I want to get the uniques from I use following:

  • Data table column values
    • Associative Array (if I'm lazy, but gets slow with lots of values)
    • Summarize (a bit better, also slows down)
    • Summary table and get values (I can get counts this way if I want to)
    • Distribution platform and get values from Report layer (nice thing with this, is that I can get other statistics at the same time and it is fast)
  • Lists
    • Associative Array
    • Insert values to table and use methods mentioned above

My suggestion is to add specific function to get unique values from from data tables and lists in a list/matrix. It could be also data structure like Python's Set (and if were to be data structure 

A set is an unordered collection with no duplicate elements. Basic uses include membership testing and eliminating duplicate entries. Set objects also support mathematical operations like union, intersection, difference, and symmetric difference.

Level III

JMP please stop the associative array insanity. 99% of the time associative arrays are used for set operations and they do NOT work on numbers with decimals. Please introduce simple set operations and a unique function that works on all possible list and vector items. 

Level III

I'm using aa's in many ways and a minority of those are set operations. As much as I like the idea of having a special, fast, set operation as the described one, I like the existing properties of aa's as well.

Level XI

- Please also add a method to collect unique values from nested lists.

- please provide an option to remove "missing" (. or "") from the list

Status changed to: Acknowledged