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Protection around 'Save to DB'

The 'Save to DB' option is DANGEROUS!!  Without any warning, whole datatables can be (and have been) wiped out.  A misinterpretation of what that button means has had people push it and lose millions of rows of data in a datatable.  I realize that you can protect yourself by:


1.   File>Preferences>Tables>ODBC Hide Connection String  (this hides the option)

2.  Use permissions on your database connections.  (this could take away rights to delete data)


However, Number 1 is not the default. and Number 2 could easily be overlooked if you are used to manipulating data not in JMP.  At a minimum, there should be a warning when the button is pushed that says 'Are you sure --- this will change the datatable.'  As it is, after pushing the button the damage is done and there is no sign that anything changed.  It would be even better if that option were deleted entirely, or at least was not the default.


This has now bit my and my company two times. 


Thank you.


Hi JC2,


We designed this table script with input from numerous customers, and there was a strong preference to not have any kind of feedback mechanism.  I know of quite a few customers that use this, including some who utilize it for the basis of their own scripts, where they don't want an interruption in script processing.  It does require care in its usage.


Brian Corcoran

JMP Development

Community Manager
Status changed to: Archived
We are archiving this request. If this is still important please comment with additional details and we will reopen. Thank you!