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Option for designating source table on Graph Builder chart

I make a lot of charts for presentation in Apple Keynote and MS Powerpoint. I use Graph Builder quite frequently. Very often, I have to go back and modifty a chart some time after I created it. When I do this, I quite often have no idea what table the chart was saved with.


It would be wonderful if Graph Builder (and perhaps other JMP platforms) would have an option to add text to a chart with the name of the source table. Something small and not too visible in a lower corner perhaps. This would vastly simplify tracking down charts when I need them again.


Thanks for all the great work you do.

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Check the Reports section of the Preferences for Data Table Title on Output.




You'll get this.



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I'll try that... Thanks.

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Hi Jeff,

I tried your suggestion and that’s not quite what I was after. I would like the table name on the chart itself, not at the top of the report. When I use a chart for a presentation, I don’t copy the whole report, only the chart. So putting the table name actually in the body of the chart is the only way I can track it after it’s copied and pasted somewhere else.

Is it possible to change the status back from Already Offered?

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This would be like a variation of the caption box, but that would automatically show the table name.

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Hi Scott,


I'm sorry that you're not finding that suitable solution for your request. I'll open this back up, but it will be difficult for us to find a more general solution than the one that already exists since there are so many different kinds of reports in JMP.