Network Diagram for showing relationships

I want to be able to show the relationships between two groups of data.  I have seen this as a Network Diagram or a Social Network plot, but JMP can't do this right now.  There is an add-in that will create a plot that is not that interactive, but I would like this as a full plot, where items can be filtered and sizes don't need to be coded, so they can be changed on the fly.

The add-in shows the use case as transactions from one group to another, but this could also be the flow of data from one group to another or a more general social network connections plot.

Tracking Number:

Defect ID: S1197024

Level VI

I think there is a need for network diagrams (i.e. directed graphs, direct acyclic graphs, ...) and graph analysis.  Currently there is the underpinnings of this already developed, the  object (or analysis object, not sure what it is really) Node Graph and the display object Node Graph Display() are undocumented but can be used in scripting to create network diagrams.  


Use cases:

  • Visualize and analyze probabilistic decision networks
  • Visualize manufacturing batch lot geneologies and do correlation analysis of results at different layers of the geneology graph
  • General spatial association analysis (social network analysis, movement through a network, etc...)
  • Revamp the "Fishbone Diagram" to use the directed graphs as the drawing tool.  It should allow for interactive creation of these types graphs, with varying orientations/arrangements (e.g. mindmaps, flow charts, fishbone).  
Level IV

I did come upon this page that shows how to do it with JSL,