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My Xmas wish list for JMP

I have been a steadfast user of JMP for more than 20 years (in my field everybody has gone to R which to me is a throwback of 30 years but that's not my point today...). Nevertheless, there are a few things that still irritate me somewhat. Here is a list of them, in no particular order:


- Fix the problem that make it impossible to use the Matlab connect functions when JMP is running on a recent Mac.


- INtroduce a GAM modelling platform in the predictive modelling


- Introduce an Ordinary differential Equation (ODE and PDE) solver


 - Invest into translating popular R packages into JMP add-ins. This will bring back users.


Just my two cents.... Best, Yves P.

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Community Manager

Thanks for the contribution here, @yvesprairie.


It is easier for others to indicate their support, and easier for us to track these requests, if they are entered as individual wishes. 


Could you please do that and then we can close this one?



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For me the most interesting proposal which I would like to support is that of translating popular R packages into JMP add-ins.