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More icons to column listing

Add more icons to column listing if column properties are set. Currently I would like to have one for Notes to easily know which columns have notes set and which do not, but most likely it would be beneficial to have icon for all of the properties (predetermine some icons which would be by default on and then let users make changes in preferences)


This is also partially related to other wish list item I have created Add Data Type icon to column listings 


Status changed to: Needs Info

@jthi thanks for the suggestion.  I think this would be challenging for us to do this for every column property.We currently have over 30 column properties that we utilize in JMP, and you can also create your own custom column properties.  If you have to choose just 1 or 2 of the properties we routinely use, which of those would be the most important.  Also, you probably know this, but you can click the asterisk symbol next to the column name to see the complete list of assigned properties.  




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Reason for * not being enough is that it isn't very visual and JMP very good at visualization and giving quick insights. With just * user would have to go through all of the columns to find some information which could be easily shown with simple icon. I'm not UI designer so there is most likely a risk of cluttering the column list if too many are enabled by default.


Because there are so many predefined column properties, I would suggest defaulting to show some, if they are set and then giving option to change these in preferences (maybe force maximum amount?). If column list isn't wide enough/column property isn't enabled from preferences, replace the ones which wont fit with * in that case (for Other I would just use one to display that there are other column properties which have not been defined by default in JMP).


Some I would suggest (mostly ones I use from time to time or would use with icons (Notes)):

  • Notes - It has special function when you hover over the column as it will show information. I could use that to write metadata to columns and use icon to show user that "Hey! hover over this column to see something"
  • Spec Limits - Quick to see what columns I can use for further analysis (if I don't have too many of course).
  • The ones which "modify" values in the column
    • Value Labels - I would add icon for this as it will "modify" values in the column (same could be said  for Value Scores though)
    • Missing Value Codes
    • Range Check and List Check  - Currently they have same icon? and you can't have both
  • Data Types - This would will make everything easier from quickly seeing what type of data I have to debugging other peoples issues by just seeing column list (bit it is a different wish list item)
Status changed to: Investigating

Thanks for the additional detail.  We will take this under consideration.