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Model screening: table outputs



Please find here a suggestion for improvement of scientific output


1. The model screening platform in JMP16 produces a summary table of the models across the Test set folds, with mean AUCs but no other mean metrics with would be also of interest in unbalanced data sets (e.g. F1, MCC, sensitivity, specificity, TN, TP, FP, FN, Accuracy). Indeed, unbalanced data are common in medical research were the outcme of interest is rare (e.g. disease, mortality , complications) in a data set.


2. In the drop down menu (red triangle next to model screening): "Save results Table".. generates tables for each train/validation and test set but without the above mentioned metrics (e.g MCC, ... etc), plus the metrics are not summarized as means per method (model) such as in the summary table of the models across "folds".