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JMP Live: Add a user to a space or a post from Active Directory before they log on to JMP Live for the first time.

What inspired this wish list request?   

We authenticate users with Microsoft Azure AD using SAML via keycloak.  Right now sharing a report with someone who hasn't used JMP Live before is clunky and awkward.  We need to ask a manager to go to a page, then we can share the space with them, and then they can go back and log on.  This doesn't make people feel like they had a good first experience with the platform.


What is the improvement you would like to see? 

Some way to add users to a space before they log on to JMP Live for the first time.


Why is this idea important? 

First impressions are important, and this will affect users who do not use JMP often the most, like managers, directors, and presidents.

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Status changed to: Acknowledged