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Input Touchstone *.SnP format files

Right now I’m using MatLab which has an sparameters input command that will read Touchstone formatted files. I just assumed that JMP would have the same since it is a data analysis tool and has a more user friendly UI, unlike MatLab.


But once I purchased JMP, I found it did not have the capability. An online user provided a set of instructions to pre-process the file so it could be imported into JMP. Then a series of JMP commands put the data into a format that cold be plotted. It is a way-too cumbersome process to be sustainable with a lot of files. 

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There's now an add-in, Touchstone file importer, aka, sNp data, to import these files. Take a look and see if it meets your needs.


Thanks to @stan_koprowski for creating it.