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Increase character length limitation in Edit | Reformat Script command



Currently, the Edit | Reformat Script command does a really nice job of reformatting JSL script so that all indentations are properly aligned.  However, this command is wrapping any text in a row that exceeds something in the order of 130 characters, regardless of the Wrap Text setting in Preferences.  I often organize/format my JSL in ways to aid in readability and organization which results in rather long rows (I have multiple large monitors which facilitiates the proper display of these long rows of characters).  Unfortunately, any time I run Edit | Reformat Script my long rows of JSL commands are wrapped in ways that makes it difficult to read and see my code structure.  I would appreciate it if the underlying value in Edit | Reformat Script that limits how many characters can be on a row is increased dramatically, or even eliminated.  If the character limitation was eliminated, the Wrap Text property in Preferences could handle text that extends beyond the size of a given window, regardless of monitor size.  Thanks for listening!

Tracking Number: 7612749375

Defect ID: S1502023

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I have a related request: I don't like how the Wrap text feature works. It basically undoes all the good that Reformat Script does. What I wish, however, is that Reformat Script would do its magic at a controllable line length. At present it formats scripts at some fixed number of characters length, regardless of my window size. I wish that I could either specify what that character length number is as a preference, or that reformatting would respect my current window width.


In case it matters, I primarily edit scripts on Mac.