Improving Equivalence Tests in Fit Y by X

I've been a big fan of equivalence tests in JMP. For a one-sample scenario in the Distribution platform I like the output because it has a nice graphical representation of the equivalence bounds overlaid with the confidence intervals on the mean. You also get a deliberate interpretation statement at the bottom.


In a multi-sample scenario in the Fit Y by X platform it's less interpretable. I was in a meeting with a few engineers, and they had no idea how to interpret the two normal distributions and indicated they definitely prefer the one-sample case.


My proposal would be to create similar output in Fit Y by X as to what you see in the Distribution platform. For the example above, the equivalence bounds of [-6, +6] can be easily shown with a red confidence interval based on the actual output (centered around 3.02).

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Defect ID: S1362104