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Improve (non)self-contained content management in JMP Projects

What inspired this wish list request?

Other user messaged me and told that they couldn't save a project and it did take some time to figure out why it couldn't be saved (most likely due me not using projects)



What is the improvement you would like to see?

Improve the content management within JMP Projects:

  • Provide easy way to move all files which aren't currently self-contained into the self-contained project
  • Allow saving project as self-contained
    • I think currently you have to first figure out which aren't currently self-contained and then save them all from Save As menu
  • Allow user to see which file is self-contained and which is not
    • Can you tell me which of these are self-contained and which are not? 
      • jthi_0-1696482037189.png
  • Maybe even provide a preference where projects would make all content self-contained automatically


Why is this idea important?

Improves one of the things JMP Projects are supposed to be used for and good at: content management.