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Have syntax for specifying multiple consecutive columns

This script works.



dt << New Column( "FrontPeak",
		If( :DISPENSESPEED == 1550,
			) * 1000,


However it would be nice to be able to be able to specify columns :R029 to :R038 or what ever number of columns.


Like the excel






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Hi @UberBock,

This is not to lessen the value of your request, however, when scripting there is a pretty easy solution since JMP 13. This can also be specified using the formula editor, but it is a little more cumbersome. See the script, the formula and the result below. I don't store formulas in data table unless they are necessary.  The formula editor warns against using Current Data Table() in a formula, so the formula needs the table name. Using my preferred Set Each Value() instead of a formula, the table reference (dt or name in you script) can be used instead of the data table name.


Names Default to Here(1);

dt = Open("$Sample_Data/Semiconductor");

testcol = dt << New Column("Maximum 7-11", numeric, continuous,
	Formula(If(:SITE==5, Maximum(Data Table("Semiconductor Capability")[row(),4::7]) ))